Choosing Your Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories Convenient and More

If you’re in a wheelchair, you need to be able to push yourself without having to worry about carrying personal items in order to travel independently. A variety of wheelchair accessories are available to help you be mobile and independent and travel comfortably and conveniently.

In a wheelchair, you can’t carry a bunch of stuff and move at the same time, because you need to be able to use your hands. Even a drink holder can make a huge difference to a wheelchair user. You can hold drinks and other personal items such as cellular phones in wheelchair caddies.

A wheelchair can carry various bags and packs, placed in the back of the chair like a backpack, attached to the armrests, and even affixed underneath the seat. Personal belongings can be distributed among these bags to maintain stability and balance by evenly distributing the weight. Simply carrying a backpack on your lap is not just awkward and uncomfortable, it is not very safe.

If you suffer limited mobility but can use a cane, you can place a cane holder on your wheelchair or scooter. This way, you can get in and out of your power scooter or wheelchair easily, keep your cane with you, and be able to walk in areas that wheelchairs can’t reach. Wheelchair trays can be attached to provide a convenient flat surface, as wheelchair users cannot always easily sit at a table. Pneumatic tires and other wheel modifications are available allowing you to take your wheelchair over any surface, even sand or gravel.

Comfort and convenience are not the only reasons to attach accessories to a wheelchair; some serve an important medical purpose. Backrests, in addition to being cushioned and comfortable, can support good posture. Gloves can be worn, allowing you to push yourself without developing blisters on your hands from the friction and vibration. Flaps and cushions on the armrests of the chair can be comfortable and also keep your clothing out of the wheels. Wheelchair cushions can prevent pressure sores or be used to treat existing ones. People who are usually in wheelchairs can be at serious risk with pressure sores, which, if untreated, can cause potentially fatal infections.

Bad weather is no impediment to traveling in a wheelchair. Umbrellas or parasols can be attached, freeing your hands to push yourself in the rain. You may sometimes be unable to access shady areas in your wheelchair, and a parasol can help. You can also get wheelchair chaps, which cover your legs in wet weather and protect you from splashing puddles and rain.

Wheelchair accessories are generally available at an affordable price, and can make your life easier. In addition to adding comfort and convenience to your life, they can help you retain independent mobility. -Article by Adam Hefner